NYC Food diaries part 1

The Dutch

Yesterday I arrived for the first time in a very blizzardy New York City, for a short 5 night trip in which I will attempt to cram in the most sightseeing and eating as is humanly possible. I’ll try and share the eating adventures as I go, using my phone – so please excuse blog formatting/spelling errors!

Last night, after a very long day, we traipsed to Soho for a meal at The Dutch, which does contemporary American food.

It was pretty fantastic, although you may not be to see this from my photos – my camera, rather annoyingly, broke on the way over here and the lighting levels were low.

We had homemade vegetable cornbread which was buttery and spongey, like cake, ‘eggplant’ (or Aubergine to you and I) dip, essentially a baba ganoush, with amazing crispy cumin crackers and lamb tacos, the crispy kind, for starters. The tacos in particular were great, the best juicy hunks of lamb I have ever had, with a very mild feta-style cheese. I’m not normally a fan of crunchy taco shells but the lamb was robust enough to cope with them!

We then moved onto a snapper ceviche with popcorn (ceviche, great, popcorn, less so) and something called barrio tripe, which, not being a great meat eater, was a bit strong and offaly for me.

Perhaps the most memorable dish of the night, was a sticky squash dish with dates and walnuts. The walnuts were soft and sweet, the squash well cooked and glazed, as though barbecued in maple syrup, but it had a very subtle hint of grated cheese and savoury sage – really interesting and something ill try and recreate!

I’d thoroughly recommend going there if you’re in the ‘hood!




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