NYC Food diaries part 2

Ed’s Lobster Bar

We were warned that getting a seat at this tiny restaurant would be tricky, but got lucky with a seat right at the bar, opposite the ice bar stuffed full of fresh seafood.

We went to sample the famous Lobster Roll, which is really as simple as it sounds – a mountain of beautifully cooked lobster meat with a very light dressing stuffed into a sweet roll (verging on brioche, unusual taste for my British palate) served with – what else? – a pile of fries, not chips!

It was really great to sample lobster, which given its normal price, is not a food I have a great deal of experience eating. It was much better value in the US (price in dollars is equivalent to what you’d pay in pounds in the UK) and, served incredibly simply, didn’t feel extravagant or swanky – and why should it?! It was brought right down to earth the second it was suggested as a sandwich filling. And everyone likes sandwiches!

We also had to try some of the other items on the menu – calamari and tuna tartare. The former was perfectly cooked, not a hint of dreaded rubbery-ness, and came with a spicy San marzano sauce; the latter was perfect too, melt-in-the-mouth tuna with little ‘zucchini’ chips.

A bit of a pricy meal in all, my own fault for ordering prosecco and a ton of seafood, but for a special occasion it is well worth it!







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