NYC Food diaries part 4

The Breslin Bar, Ace Hotel

The last meal of our trip was a good’un. Having never ordered a burger in a restaurant and only eaten maybe 3 or 4 in my post-vegetarian years, I decided that I really must try this American speciality in NYC.

The Breslin was recommended on the strength of its single burger on the menu – the lamb with feta, cumin mayo and thrice cooked chips. It was hench, it was pink, it was tender – it was epic. The feta was strong and salty enough to add an acidic tang without overwhelming the sweet and juicy meat, and the chips were pretty perfect. A ciabatta roll, which I would have ordinarily dismissed as being too solid and crusty for this purpose, was the vehicle for the huge meaty wedge. It worked only because the meat was so tender and soft – any chewy meat resistance would have meant the entire thing was too hard to eat.

It was hands-down the best burger I have ever eaten. Although I don’t really have much to compare it to. Having said that, it was recommended by a burger-loving individual who declared it the best posh burger you can get in NYC, and he used to live there. So it must be pretty good.

Sides of ‘sunchokes’ and ‘beets’ (Jerusalem artichoke and cider roasted beetroots) were equally good in their own right too – although perhaps a salad (strangely lacking on the menu) may have been more refreshing.

A perfect meal to end an action-packed trip – no more eating… At least until I am back on UK soil.




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