Griddled courgette & halloumi salad

Griddled courgette & halloumi salad with lots of herbs, lemon & pistachios


A taste of the summer… When it’s so cold outside I’ve got the heating on! I’m trying to beckon the sun over and tricking myself into believing its warm with this fresh but filling salad.

Halloumi cheese isn’t for everyone – many find it too salty and rubbery, but I think the key to grilling it successfully is to use lemon juice. It just really works – give it a go! If you don’t like halloumi, crumbled feta would be a great replacement.

I absolutely adore giant couscous. It just has the best texture, so so much more pleasurable to eat than the little grained version. Yum.

You will need:

1 cup of giant couscous
1 Tspn ground cumin
1 Tspn sumac
1 chicken or veg stock pot/cube
2 courgettes, halved (cross-ways) and sliced
2 tbspns of shelled pistachios
2 handfuls of fresh parsley, chopped
1 handful of fresh mint, chopped
1 lemon
4 spring onions, sliced
250g halloumi, cut into large chunks
2 heaped tbspns of Greek yoghurt
Lemon flavoured olive oil (if available – replace with regular if not)
Olive oil
Salt, pepper


1 – Start by grabbing a large serving bowl; add the spring onions and the juice of 1/2 the lemon and leave to marinate
2 – Prepare the couscous by placing in a saucepan along with 1.25 cups (the same cup you used the measure the couscous) of water, some seasoning, the sumac, cumin and stock cube; cover and bring to a simmer for 8 minutes
3 – Stir the couscous periodically whilst it cooks and leave in the pan with the lid on but off the heat to steam and fluff up; stir in a good glug of olive oil at this stage to loosen
4 – Meanwhile, cook your courgettes; brush the slices with olive oil, season and add to a hot griddle pan; leave well alone for about 5 minutes so that they charr nicely before turning and grilling for a further 3 minutes
5 – Next, cook the halloumi; add to a hot griddle pan and squeeze over the juice of 1/4 lemon; cook for 2-3 minutes before turning and griddling for a further minute
6 – Now move on to the yoghurt dressing; add the yoghurt, 1/4 the mint and the remaining 1/4 lemon juice to a small bowl – season and mix
7 – Add water to loosen the yoghurt to the desired drippy consistency and drizzle with lemon oil
8 – Now assemble the salad by adding the chopped herbs to your bowl containing the spring onion, and then the couscous, courgette, pistachios and halloumi; mix gently but thoroughly, ensuring the flavours are equally spread throughout the dish
9 – Serve warm or cold with the yoghurt sauce dolloped on top



2 thoughts on “Griddled courgette & halloumi salad

  1. Looks very good. I, too am an advocate of haloumi with lemon. WIll be trying this recipe for sure. IN spring, I might even add some grilled asparagus spears too. Hope your weather is almost summer in your part of the world, after all. In late autumn here in Australia, but I imagine there is not much difference in the temperature!

    1. Good idea about the asparagus- I considered avocado or broad beans too. It really is miserable here for spring! Fingers crossed it changes soon. Let me know how you get on with the recipe if you try it !

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