Beetroot & sour cream dressing

Beetroot & sour cream dressing

A simple but effective dressing that’s lovely on oily fish or with a lemony green salad. In fact, I reckon there’s many a dish that this would be great with – I’m going to be trying it with chicken tortilla wraps and fried mackerel strips.
It’s subtly spiked with mustard, and has a sharpness from the sour cream, too. The over-riding flavour though is the beetroot – because it’s so wonderfully pink and beetrooty-looking, I’m glad it’s also obvious from the taste that this is the star ingredient.

My only caution with serving this is; DON’T stir it into a salad. It’ll look revolting. It’s a beautiful dressing, that deserves to be lovingly dolloped over food, rather than mixed into it. Even better, present it on the side – people can muck up the look of the food you’re serving themselves that way!

photo-229I served this dressing with fried salmon fillet and a lemony avocado pearl barley salad

You will need:

1 cooked beetroot
2 tbspns low fat creme fraiche
1 tbspn low fat sour cream
1/2 tbspn white wine vinegar
1 tbspn extra virgin olive oil
1.5 tspn wholegrain mustard
Salt, pepper

It’s an easy one, this – just blend all of the above ingredients together and it’s done! Serve with extra olive oil and pepper on top.



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