Sweet & spicy almond-cashew nut butter

Sweet & spicy nut butter

butterA convenient little recipe that I bashed together from things I had in my store cupboard for a light lunch. I’ve heard rumours that you can make nut butter without using any other ingredients whatsoever (although you’d be mad not to season it). You apparently can just blitz up a load of nuts into a paste. I was skeptical and rightly so – I ended up with dry dusty nuts! But this didn’t deter me. I was going to get nut butter out of this, God dammit!

So I just added enough oil to turn it into a butter – easy! Perhaps I don’t have the right kind of blender, or used nuts that are inherently dryer than the more commonly used peanuts. Hmm. Head-scratcher. It really doesn’t matter though because this turned out great anyway. And a little oil never hurt anyone. I guarantee this is healthier than your average shop-bought peanut butter any day.

This happily turned out to be one of those foods that feels spicy, sweet and savoury all at the same time, which, when you’re eating with something simple and plain like toast or crackers is just what’s required in my opinion. I’m a big fan of sweet and savoury combos (peanut butter and jam is a favourite, chicken and mango another). Give it a go and see if you agree!

A note on the recipe below- I blended the butter again after mixing in the honey and oil and chilli, to get a smooth consistency. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a chunky butter, also a good thing!

Oh, and if someone can please enlighten me as to how on earth you can gather up all of these dusty particles into a wet paste without adding water/oil, I’d be most grateful!



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