Fresh corn polenta with steak & mushrooms

Fresh corn polenta with steak & mushrooms


I’ve been wanting to cook with polenta for a while, but had sort of reserved a spot for it in autumn. But I was inspired by both the shockingly wet weather today, and an email I received from the incredible Veggiezest, whose latest post set out a recipe for fresh corn polenta. I decided to give it a go, but with steak (sorry veggies!) for extra warmth and luxuriousness. photo-273

This may sound silly, but I hadn’t realised the fresh corn polenta would be so…. corny. I’ve had regular polenta a few times, and it’s delicious and creamy but very plain in comparison to the fresh variety. You can’t eat anywhere near as much of fresh corn polenta than the traditional cornmeal kind – it’s much sweeter and richer and incredibly flavoursome. Which is why it’s nice to serve it with hearty steak – it’s plenty filling in small portions.


You will need:

6 small ears of corn, kernels removed
A small bunch of fresh thyme, chopped, plus extra leaves reserved for garnish
2 small sirloin or rump steaks, at room temperature
4 large portobello mushrooms, sliced
2 garlic cloves, crushed
Grated parmesan, to taste
Salt, pepper
Olive oil


1 – Heat some water in a large pan and add the corn kernels once boiling; cook until the corn is soft
2 – Once cooked, drain the corn, reserving the cooking liquid; blend the corn with a few ladles of the cooking water until smooth
3 – Transfer the corn back to the pan and heat gently for a few minutes
4 – Season the corn , adding about 1/3 of the chopped thyme, a generous knob of butter and a good grating of parmesan; check that the taste is to your liking and then remove the corn from the heat
5 – Now move on to your steak; season each piece well and heat some oil in a frying pan
6 – Once hot, add the steaks to the pan and cook to your liking, avoiding tampering with the steak whilst its searing on each side; once cooked, remove on to a board or plate to rest for 6-8 minutes
7 – Throw the mushrooms into the steak pan, adding extra oil if necessary; fry for a few minutes before adding seasoning, the remainder of the chopped thyme and the garlic
8 – As the mushrooms cook, return to your rested steak and slice; return any juices into the mushrooms
9 – Reheat the polenta before serving topped with the mushrooms, steak slices, extra thyme leaves and extra parmesan and black pepper



2 thoughts on “Fresh corn polenta with steak & mushrooms

  1. I’ve never heard of fresh corn polenta! it sounds absolutely delicious, and I’m loving your inclusion of steak and mushrooms. Definitely trying this…. it’s still darn cold here in Australia so I’m craving warm and comforting dishes. Great wine choice too… I’ve never tried ‘The Waxed Bat’ but we’re big fans of shiraz/cab sav/malbec blends. Is it worth tracking down?

    1. I hadn’t either, it was interesting!
      Definitely recommend the waxed bat- it’s one of my all time favourites! Le me know how you like the fresh polenta/wine if you decide to give them a go!

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