Red cabbage, pancetta & rosemary linguine with walnut oil


Hello November! I went shopping today in central London and was suddenly very aware that everything was completely Christmasafied. Thousands of people were out buying gifts, and I was thankful that this year I don’t really have to do that (I’m away for Christmas with my family, snowboarding, and can’t possibly fit presents in my case so were doing away with them!). Relief.


Being amongst all that stress and green and red activity put me right in the mood to come home and snuggle indoors with a winter-flavoured pasta dish. And another excuse to add walnuts to my evening meal. I think I’m addicted! Porky braised cabbage with rosemary and walnuts with pasta probably sounds unusual or odd but I’m so glad I chanced this one. Totally delicious and very comforting and filling. The rosemary and pancetta together feel Italian enough (if that’s really such a thing) to help introduce the cabbage to the linguine; two ingredients who I think rarely meet. But the pancetta and rosemary make great intermediaries! The rocket adds a great bitter green note too. Oh and don’t bother adding Parmesan etc to this. You already have everything you need in this recipe.

You will need:

Per person

50g free range unsmoked bacon lardons or diced pancetta
1/4 small red cabbage, finely shredded (use a Mandolin if you have one)
Chopped leaves from 1 sprig of rosemary
1 Tspn red wine vinegar
1 clove garlic, crushed
1 tbspn chopped toasted walnuts
Walnut oil, to serve
75g Linguine (approx, depending on appetite
Up to 1 tbspn reserved pasta cooking water
Handful of rocket, optional
Salt, pepper
Olive oil


1 – Heat a little oil in a large pan and add the lardons; cook over a medium heat until crisp
2 – Add the red cabbage, rosemary, walnuts, garlic and red wine vinegar and cook for around 10 minutes until softened
3 – At this stage get your pasta on (in salted boiling water)
4 – Keep the cabbage cooking gently in the meantime and add seasoning to taste
5 – Once cooked, use tongs to pull the linguine into the red cabbage mix, along with a little pasta water and the rocket, if using
6 – Combine and serve immediately drizzled with walnut oil


4 thoughts on “Red cabbage, pancetta & rosemary linguine with walnut oil

  1. Argh, far out. I haven’t thought for one second about Christmas as yet… but it’s going to be here before we know it! The ski trip sounds absolutely amazing. Great idea to do away with presents… I tried to convince my family to do that last year but the suggestion failed dismally. Oh well. Anyway, LOVE the look of this pasta. So delicious. You know what? It’s a tiny bit Christmasy, with the reddish purple and green together. Celebration on a plate! xx

    1. I know I got a bit of a rude awakening yesterday. Christmas literally hit me in the face. It’s far too early! But not too early to eat slightly Christmassy food…? Shame you never got to go on a family trip away … I can’t wait to hit the slopes!

  2. I’m one of those sad people that starts looking forward to christmas in about october so I’m already excited! I did a season working on a ski resort a few years ago and it’s so beautiful and special in the mountains that time of year! Bet you will have an amazing time. This looks so delicious. Would never ever of thought of putting red cabbage with pasta but I love the idea. Like a delicious italian spin on cabbage and bacon :-) Adding the ingrediants to my shopping list for next week right now!

    1. Ahh I usually am like that about Christmas but just sort of overdid it last year and am looking forward to a little rest from it. It’s a pretty unusual idea (purists look away!!) but if It works I’m happy to throw the rule book out the window. Having said that I think anyone who adds coriander to pasta is pure crazy! X

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