A kind of, sort of uncertain new year – and a recap in snaps


A late spring/early summer roasted cauliflower farfalle with mint

Ive had a truly wonderful year. Personally, and culinarily. I’ve travelled to Paris, Turkey and Antigua, where I’ve indulged in some seriously delicious food. I’ve cooked up many a storm in my kitchen, and eaten at some fantastic places- mostly in London. I’ve started a new far better job, I’m happy and healthy.


Lovely lamb with olives, Za’atar and minty feta pesto

But, recently, in the last couple of months things haven’t been going as well as hoped for this blog. I’ve not managed to post recipes anywhere near as frequently as normal. And I fear the next few will be slightly unusual and unpredictable too. Why? I struggle to answer this.


Baba ghanoush with lemon

Perhaps it’s the late nights at work and busy schedules, perhaps the lack of inspiring ingredients available on my doorstep at my convenience, perhaps the lack of light meaning any recipe photos are a bit ‘meh’ at best, perhaps the fact I’ve well and truly accepted that I can’t go on eating the way I did for most of 2014. It’s probably a combination of all of the above.


Braised fennel with orange & anchovies, tapenade & almonds- a delicious summer dish

Its been a busy time. Holidays, work, hen do planning, weddings, Christmas and just general daily life in a city really have make cooking one of the last things I think about. It’s fallen down the priority list. This needs correcting! I’m hoping to be able to order in good, more interesting ingredients that I can’t buy at 730pm from Co-Op.


Lemon ricotta tortellini. ‘Twas a good year for pasta making

Life has certainly been full-on but also healthy and pretty frugal of late. I’ve always struggled to catch the right balance between my love of cooking and food and eating right. It’s a tough one. I’m just not built to eat and something has to give.


I had fun with squid ink

I’ve been eating quite a few boring, not shareable foods for dinner in the last few months. It’s paid off in terms of feeling lighter but I don’t think the blog is very happy! I think though that the new year will bring new ideas and some much more exciting ways to lead a healthier life. All in all though I predict you’ll be seeing a more health-conscious Lime & Barley in 2015. Don’t worry though – there will be no fads, kale smoothies or mung bean quinoas around these parts. I’m thinking simple and delicious seafood and veg. Flavoursome homemade marinades sauces and dips. Glorious warm and fresh salads.


Autumnal noodle salad with prawns

There’s another uncertainty though, that I believe will massively affect this blog. In the new year I’m (fingers crossed) going to be moving to a new flat. It’s exciting and scary in equal measures because it’s a total mess!


Post Turkey, I was even more obsessed with aubergine and yoghurt. This pilaf was just gorgeous.

Uninhabited for 15 years, the place needs a new kitchen… After extensive other more important works are complete (bathroom, walls down, walls up, boiler, windows, damp, rewiring, plumbing to name a few items!)… So I probably won’t actually have a kitchen at all for 6 months! That’s going to prove rather difficult. But it will be worth it of course in the long run.


Chilled avocado and cucumber soup with mint and crab. Height of summer eating.

I don’t wish for this post to sound negative, it’s just that I’m feeling a little uncertain. It has been a fantastic year for the most part. This blog now has over 250 followers, something I’m really proud of and thankful for.


Saffron arancini- divine

I’m absolutely determined to keep up the posting, no matter what life throws this way. I’m as excited and inspired as ever, and can’t wait to share some creations in the new year. Uncertainty can be exciting. Uncertainty can be a little scary. Fingers crossed – lets plough ahead!


Peach chutney.

Thanks & happy new year to each and every single follower. Lots of love,
Becky x


For me, 2014 was the year of the lamb. With hummus, naturally.


7 thoughts on “A kind of, sort of uncertain new year – and a recap in snaps

  1. I can’t believe I’ve missed so much of your cooking and writing since the new year started. This is a beautiful reflection Bec, I completely understand the dilemma of loving food (especially carbs, for me!) and wanting to stay lean and healthy. Hopefully you’ll strike a balance that you feel satisfied with over the next few months. All the best with the move, too… How exciting! And uncertain! But I’m sure it’ll be entirely worth it. Hope that 2015 is an awesome year for you and Scott! Xxx
    P.S it’s been a tough year for my blog too – I’ve never been great for regular posting ANYWAY, but any hope of recipe posting has crashed and burned in this scorching heat. I haven’t had the oven on for weeks (plus we’ve been sleeping on the kitchen floor, so… well, the kitchen has kinda become the bedroom!)

    1. Ah thanks :-) yeah it’s a funny time at the mo, still very uncertain but yes I think I’m finding that balance already! Yay. Oh gosh sleeping in the kitchen?! Nightmare!? Although midnight snacks are close at hand ha! In sure It will start cooling off soon. There’s nothing like a chill in the air to encourage a bit of cooking. And make the most of the sunshine! There’s plenty of winter time available for writing and blogging, but when the suns out I think it’s best to just be outside all the time :-) x

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