Frozen coconut brownies (dairy- & gluten-free & amazing) 


Don’t be put off by the fact these are totally vegan and gluten free. These are the absolute best thing you will ever store in your freezer. We had a bake off at work for comic relief and a colleague made a variation on these and my god they were the best things there. They beat all other sugar-laden and stodgy recipes (with exception of a pretty incredible but totally fat cheesecake) hands down.


The texture of the base is almost biscuity with all those nuts, which I think, along with the coconut, is what makes these so moreish. There’s also something about the chilled nature of these brownie bites that really is so inviting. And the stickiness. And maybe the slight saltiness. They make a great late night snack, salty-sweet and kind of guilt-free. If you cut them small enough. I like to cut these into bite sized pieces and have one with a cuppa after dinner. The perfect end to a long day.

A note on the recipe – The only word of caution here is that you need a pretty good blender to turn the dates into a puree and also a food processor in order to grind the nuts into a rough ‘flour’. I wouldn’t bother attempting this recipe without this equipment. I used the two different blade attachments that come with a standard Nutribullet for this and it works well enough.


You will need:

For the base:

400g pitted medjool dates

4-6 tbspns water

150g walnuts

130g whole almonds

6 tbspns dessicated coconut

2 tbspns good quality min. 70% cocoa solids cocoa powder

1 tbspn vanilla extract

1 tspn salt

For the topping:

20g whole almonds

2 tbspns coconut oil

2 tbspns good quality min. 70% cocoa solids cocoa powder

1 tspn salt


1 – Use a food processor to blitz the walnuts and almonds for the base into a rough powder. (I used a Nutribullet’s milling blade for this process)

2 – Next move on to the dates. You want to blend these in batches – add about 1/4 of the dates to your blender with about 3 tbspns water. Blend the dates til smooth, then add the others gradually, blending as you go. You’ll probably need to add a little more water each time, but try not to use more than 6 tbspns in total as this will make the mixture too wet. You just need enough water to create a thick date ‘paste’. (I used the standard blending blade of the Nutribullet for this.)

3 – Mix together the nut powder, date puree, vanilla, salt and coconut. Check it tastes nice, adjust salt or vanilla to taste.

4 – Spread the mix out in a small deep baking tray lined wit greaseproof paper. Pop in the freezer to chill for 5 mins.

5 – Put the coconut oil and Cocoa powder in a pan and gently heat. Once melted and mixed into a smooth thin liquid, add the salt and take the base layer out the freezer and pour this coconut mix on top. Decorate with the remaining almonds then freeze overnight.

6 – Cut into bite sized chunks the following day once set and store in the freezer to tuck into when needed.


9 thoughts on “Frozen coconut brownies (dairy- & gluten-free & amazing) 

  1. OH MY GOSH. Yes, I totally love these kind of desserts. I’ve lost my sweet tooth as I’ve gotten older and I’ve started craving that slight bitterness that comes with raw cacao and the more savoury-sweet nature of dates and coconut oil. Looks so yum – plus you know you’re eating nutrient dense goodness. I’ve never tried a layered and frozen variation of these sorts of sweets though, I will definitely be giving this a go!

    1. They’ve gone down so well with everyone who’s tried them! i can’t believe how this sort of treat wasn’t in my life before now! I need to experiment with some other versions, definitely. Those vegans have some damn good tricks up their sleeves! xx

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