Coconut crazy: Coconut-crumbed fish with tamarind & coconut aubergines


Yes we’ve gone coconut mad around here. But when the sun is shining I can’t think of anything I’d rather eat. Eating coconut-flavoured food is a sure-fire way to extend the sunny vibes into the cool of the evening.


It worked a treat with the two things on our plates. Fried fish is given a sweet lift with a mix of dessicated coconut tossed through the Panko crumbs.


Plus, its first dipped in coconut milk instead of flour and eggs, which keeps it light and fragrant. Just take care when turning the fish – it’s a bit more delicate prepared this way.


The other but by no means secondary item on our plates tonight was a quite dry and sticky curried aubergine scramble flavoured with lots of lime, fish sauce, tamarind, coriander and more coconut. The spice paste uses onion and garlic and chilli too, so depth of savoury flavour.

IMG_1005 2

You will need:

For the fish

2 pieces of sustainable white fish fillets

2 tbspns panko breadcrumbs

2 tbspns dessicated coconut

4 tbspns coconut milk (make sure it’s thick and not thin! Don’t shake the tin in order to get the good stuff… You want it to be the texture of natural yoghurt)


Lime wedges, to serve

About 150ml groundnut oil, to fry

For the aubergines

1 large onion, halved

1 aubergine, cut into chunks

Large handful coriander, plus another smaller handful to garnish

1 tbspn fish sauce

1 tbspn or so water

Juice of 1.5 limes

1 tbspn tamarind paste

3 garlic cloves, crushed

2 finger chillis, deseeded and roughly chopped

200ml coconut milk

75ml water

1 tbspn coconut oil



For the fish

1- Scatter the Panko and coconut onto a plate and mix together with your hands. On a different plate spread the coconut milk

2 – Rinse, pat dry and season the fish fillets. One fillet at a time, coat the fish in the coconut milk then coat in the mixed crumbs. Set onto a plate til ready to cook

3 – When ready to cook, heat the oil in a frying pan. When a crumb sizzles immediately when flicked into the oil you can carefully add the fish. Cool quickly, for only a couple of minutes on each side, til the fish is just cooked and the crumbs golden

4 – Drain on kitchen paper and serve with a squeeze of lime if liked

For the Aubergines:

1 – Prepare the onion. Take on half and finely slice it and very roughly cube the other half

2 – Make the curry paste. Place the cubed onions, coriander, lime juice, tamarind paste, chillis, garlic, fish sauce and water into a blender and blitz into a paste

3 – Heat the coconut oil in a deep frying pan and add the sliced onions once hot, plus a pinch of salt. Tip in the aubergine, followed a minute after by the curry paste

4 – Cook out the curry paste and aubergines for five minute then tip in the coconut milk

5 – Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce to a simmer for 45 minutes, adding the water after about 10/15 minutes or so of cooking. After 30 minutes remove the cover to allow the aubergines to become thick and sticky in the paste

5 – Stir frequently to prevent sticking for the last 15 minutes and serve when ready with extra coriander




One thought on “Coconut crazy: Coconut-crumbed fish with tamarind & coconut aubergines

  1. Please tell me that you’re not giving up on the blog altogether Bec!! I’ll miss your beautifully creative, inspired recipes. This looks gorgeous – absolutely perfect for the warm blush of summer we’re getting at the moment. Cannot wait to try that fish xx

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