I’m Becky. I’m a food lover: passionate about ideas, adventures and trying new culinary things. On a small scale, these things happen every day in my little Camberwell kitchen. This blog is a document of those things that happen, as they do – and in the moment. I record them here so I can keep track of the experiments that work (and those that don’t). Because there are lots of experiments.

I’m a 3D designer by day and am inspired by thoughts, insights, creativity and evolution – not by static ideas of perfection. You won’t find curated, styled food shots here. This is my place for play – I’ll share it with you by snapping a few quick photos (I’d never let my food go cold!) and writing up a little about the meal I’ve made just now.

I cook in an organic way, often throwing things into a pan on a whim, experiment style. (The only little exception here is homemade pasta – a product I’m challenging myself to master). As such, my recipes are only ever intended as a guide – they’re just ideas, after all. I never really indicate how much seasoning you should use or how much oil you should add – most things are down to personal preference. I’m really just sharing flavour and texture combinations I’ve cooked and enjoyed – and I’ll always welcome any ideas, comments or thoughts you have too. It’s all a big, edible work in progress.


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  1. Hi,
    I am the chief editor of a small cooking magazine in south of France and I would like to publish one of your recipe :
    “Rhubarb & custard tart with ginger, mint and pistachio nuts”
    Is this possible? I will mention your blog recess and will send the magazine to be released in may.

    Have a nice day

    Gael Fouillet

    1. Hi Gael,

      I’d love it if you’d publish it! Please let me know if you’d me to send some photos? You should probably credit, as I have, a blogger who shared the recipe with me called London Eats too!
      Let me know if you’ve any questions,



    1. Hi Rach,

      Thanks so much for the award! I’m really chuffed to be nominated and that you like the blog :) Like you, I never really dreamed that anyone would read it or be interested in it when I started. It’s lovely to find that others take enjoyment from something you love doing!

      I’ll answer the questions you posted below, and state my random facts, but I don’t think I can pass on the award to other bloggers because unfortunately every blog I follow has more than 200 followers! Will make more of an effort to hunt out little, new blogs and hopefully be able to pass on the award in time…!

      My random facts:

      1 – I was born in Bermuda but grew up by the sea in Brighton
      2 – I have a passion for 50s/60s clothing – especially dresses, coats & handbags
      3 – I cycle a little fold-up bike 10 miles every day
      4 – If I was rich, I’d spend all my money on buying up mid-century furniture
      5 – I once spent 10 days working on a luxury cruise ship as it cruised the mediterranean
      6 – I used to live in Amsterdam but would love to live in New York
      7 – I love to dance to boogaloo and early 60s RnB
      8 – I have two labradors that I love to bits
      9 – My favourite event that I attend every year is the Goodwood Revival near Chichester
      10 – I think about food as much as men think about sex
      11 – I’ve had articles published in Frame design magazine

      Your questions answered:

      What was the first thing you ever learnt to cook?
      Stir-fried tofu with cashew nuts and noodles because when I turned vegetarian at 15 nobody knew what to do with me and I had to learn to sort myself out for dinner! This was a staple.

      Where would your perfect holiday be?
      Anywhere where they do good food. I’d love to go to Tunisia or Israel but I think I’ll have to wait until it’s a little safer.

      Are you an early bird or a night owl?
      Early bird – although I have to be good at being both because my job often involves long long hours.

      What is the recipe that you’ve always wanted to make but have been a bit scared to try?
      I’d love to cook a whole live lobster – but I’d be scared of ruining such an expensive food, not to mention those snappy claws!

      What is your favourite song / piece of music?
      I don’t have a favourite song as such (it’s always changing), but I do know what my wedding song will be – a french 60s number called Toute Jeune by The Smart Set

      Best ice-cream flavour?
      Coconut ice cream – on a hot beach

      Countryside or city?
      City – London is the only place I can do my job and listen to the music I love. But I did used to live in the countryside and loved it.

      Which chef do you admire the most?
      Yotam Ottolenghi because he makes healthy food taste incredible and has a passion for vegetables – many chefs are too into meat for my liking!

      Your biggest food dislike is?
      Goats cheese – it’s the only thing I truly deteste

      What is the next cookbook on your wishlist?
      Polpo’s cookbook

      Hearty plates of food or michelin-style precision?
      Probably hearty plates – although some of my most memorable eats have been in Michelin-starred venues

      Thanks again!

      Becky x

  2. I was reading a recipe on “simplefood4you” and your blog name caught my eye. I really like your palate! You have a beautifully clean blog. Love your 100th post dish! Glad to have dropped by and looking forward to following! :)

    1. Thank you very much! It’s great how easy it is to find new and inspiring blogs just by having a little nose around those who follow the ones you do – I’ve just had a look at your lovely blog too and will also be following, so thanks for ‘finding’ me! :)

      Happy cooking!

  3. Hello lovely! I can’t believe that this is my first visit to your gorgeous patch of the internet! Love each and every recipe I’ve read so far; I had to stop myself from commenting on all of them! By the way, in terms of 3D design – is that in terms of advertising/animation? My husband is an animator, just graduated last year. We’re considering a move to London next year (as I’m English and craving home soil) and we’re on the scout for job opportunities. So happy to be following your blog from now on! xx

    1. Thanks for such lovely comments – I’m glad you like them, please let me know if you try any of the recipes!
      I’ll be checking your blog out when I get 5 minutes more away from my desk – I’m a retail 3D designer, so interiors not animation! So not sure I’ll be able to help on that front, but good luck with your searching. There seems to be quite a few opportunities knocking around at the moment in my field anyway so I’m sure he’ll find something. :)

      1. Ah, cool. Good to know! We’ll have a look around, hopefully it’ll happen! And yes, your blog is a new favourite. I can imagine how wonderful your interiors must be :)

    1. Ahh, I can’t comment on the course as I didn’t study here, but it’s a shame you didn’t like Camberwell- many don’t but I can see a few hidden charms here :-).

  4. Hullo miss Becky, what fun to stumble over here — I am loving your food sensibility and your aversion to precise measurements reminds me of, well, me. :) When did you live in Amsterdam? I’m sorry to have missed you!

  5. Hi Becky, I can send you a list of places I like in Paris (and that you would probably also like); could you give me an email address so I don’t flood your “About” page? :) Cheers, Darya

  6. fellow Camberwellian, and just came across your blog. Also love RS’s Indian cookbook, so will definitely be trying some of your recipes!

  7. Hi Becky … I stopped by as a result of a mutual blogging friends’ recommendation (foodisthebestshitever) and … I’m glad I did !! I look forward to seeing more from you … stay hungry !! :)

    1. Hi there! Oh thanks for visiting, glad to see word of mouth doing it’s magic :-)
      Lots more to come… Don’t be fooled by lack of recent posts. Gots to have a summer holiday ! :-)

  8. Oh, believe me … I COMPLETELY understand about the Summer holiday thing. I sometimes have to FORCE myself to sit down and write something … anything, just to stay in the main stream. When the weather is beautiful, it’s a hard thing to do … especially where where I live … the Summer is short, and every day is a gift!! :) Stay hungry.

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